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Write to Freedom supports people in changing their lives
through mentoring, self-empowerment, wilderness experiences and the power of personal stories.
Stories are what connect us, they always have and they always will. We tell stories to friends and we listen to them. When we do we feel more connected.
What we did, who we are, where we’re going… stories can help us make sense of the world we live in.  But sometimes we get stuck in one chapter of our story and can’t seem to turn the page.

Write to Freedom connects with each person’s story, helping students step into a new chapter of their lives.
We believe that everyone, everyone, has their own genius, and that some need help in finding it.
We also believe that spending time in nature heals us, enlivens us and brings us back to what we should be; free, open, connected, strong.
Through storytelling, nature connection and mentoring, we help students gain a greater understanding of who and where they are in their lives. When we know a little more about what makes us tick, we are in a better place to make healthy decisions in all areas of life.


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