Visual communication
for times of transition
NU Project exists to create a wide range of visual materials (films, animations, etc) which help to spread awareness of some of the most inspiring new ideas and projects that we know about. We want to show the world how many exciting initiatives there are out there which centre on building sustainable, social and local alternative ways of living and being. What these projects have in common is a vision of a world in which we care for our ecosystems, and where our actions are guided by principles of equality (between species, cultures and races) and a fair use of resources. In these times of transition and uncertainty, we want to tell new stories.  Stories which inspire hope, and the possibility of transformation…

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LEF 2015

The REconomy Project Local Entrepreneur Forum is a powerful catalyst for a new kind of economy in the Totnes area – vibrant, bustling, abundant. Every year for one jam-packed productive day, we bring entrepreneurs, investors, and other change makers together to learn from each other, form new relationships, and hopefully, to begin working together on new enterprises.

What kind of enterprises? Social, sustainable, regenerative, resilient – new companies that create meaningful livelihoods and contribute to the community in positive ways.

Everyone has a stake in their local economy and everyone can be an investor, too. Entrepreneurs need all kinds of support. Yes, financial capital is important, but so are other forms of support, from office space to child care. Entrepreneurs supported by the community do better. The economy does better, too. Everybody wins.