Visual communication
for times of transition
NU Project exists to create a wide range of visual materials (films, animations, etc) which help to spread awareness of some of the most inspiring new ideas and projects that we know about. We want to show the world how many exciting initiatives there are out there which centre on building sustainable, social and local alternative ways of living and being. What these projects have in common is a vision of a world in which we care for our ecosystems, and where our actions are guided by principles of equality (between species, cultures and races) and a fair use of resources. In these times of transition and uncertainty, we want to tell new stories.  Stories which inspire hope, and the possibility of transformation…
Words from the Edge
The importance of changing our paradigms.

Words From The Edge is a film about the unprecedented transition that we are undergoing from a culture of industrial growth and inequality to what must inevitably be more localised, sustainable, living economies.

It’s a film about what this shift involves, and what we need to do to get there.

Following five ‘ordinary people’ as they look to an uncertain future and explore the steps they can take to face it…Their stories are interwoven with interviews with leaders and pioneers in the field of resilience-building.

Interviews with:

Rob Hopkins, Vandana Shiva, Richard Heinberg, Naomi Klein,Stephan Harding,Patrick Holden,Giorgos Kallis,Rhamis Kent, Nicole Foss.

This project, is been created with hours of dedication and hard work, from friends and professionals that believe in it, subtitles in Spanish and German will be available soon.


If you are interested in organizing a screening of Words from the Edge in your community please get in touch with us.